Day 5 – feels like day 879

Hello Everyone! What is everyone up to in these very interesting times?

Currently, on lockdown day 5 and the reality of what is happening is slowly starting to sink in and make me feel some type of way – which way that is; I’m not sure… I try not to think about “what if things go really badly” mainly because its scary but mostly because I am not keen on change and it seems the way we think, work and act will all change – for the better hopefully.

One of my main concerns is whether our lockdown will be extended and, if extended, which direction our companies will take with regards to salaries, leave etc. It will be a lifestyle change for sure and I hope everyone will work together for a positive and mutual arrangement until we have successfully recovered from this global disaster.

On the home front, I am trying to follow some sort of schedule for each day to encourage structure and routine. I also try to set a goal for each day, whether it is cleaning out the garage or doing something in the garden or even making choc chip cookies. The hardest thus far has been to try and eat less, eat healthily and exercise!!!

Eatstreet Gardening

Google also offers a few free digital short courses on their platform – Digital Skills for Africa, I registered and hope I can finish it before 30 April 2020. Other than that I also found writing down ideas for supper at the start of the week makes life a lot easier.

One positive that I hope corporates will latch onto is that most jobs can be performed remotely. Being able to work from home, I find that I am more productive and even more willing to go the extra mile. Also, not being on public transport is a MAJOR bonus as I certainly feel less stressed about being late, travelling to and from work and all the other unpleasant things that go along with using public transport.

The days are long and we should cherish it, try and find ways to make it interesting – thank goodness for the internet. It is a very weird time in the world and I hope everyone is coping. If you feel alone, video call your friends, send that message when you think of someone, try and be available. Chat soon x


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