Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Good Morning! I hope you are enjoying my consistency as much as I am? Today I will share a few tips and tricks I’ve learnt since moving out and having to cook most days.

  • When baking always allow the cake, cookies or muffins or whatever it may be to cool down COMPLETELY. This definitely makes it easier to remove the baked goods from the baking sheet or pan. The cooling down process may take longer than an hour especially with cakes.
  • Drinking wine (in moderation – throwback to chocolate chip cookie fail), having a conversation with friends, listening to music or all of these combined is life while in the kitchen.
  • No matter how pretty and instagrammable they may look; do not be tempted to buy the white roasting dish. I have made this mistake and my roasting dish has never looked the same. I find myself scrubbing for days after using and until now I cannot get it looking like it did before.
  • When frying steak; for the perfect medium – 4.5 minutes each side EXACTLY on high heat and without a doubt DO NOT flip them around during this time. Also, rest the steaks for the same amount of time i.e. 9 minutes resting time for medium steaks.steak.jpg
  • I’ve recently learnt that grating the onion instead of dicing them when making meatballs (frikkadels as we know them) is more effective. You get the onion flavour without the onion pieces.
  • Whenever I have made roast potatoes in the oven it would always stick to the bottom, removing the crispy deliciousness we want from a roast potatoe. To solve this add some Spray n Cook to your baking tray. Maybe butter works too?potatoe
  • PREP, prep and prep some. This alleviates a lot of the pressure that cooking can add and makes the process much easier. Chopping and grating the veggies, opening the cans, placing everything you need on the counter, boiling the water in the kettle or weighing the ingredients before starting will make cooking/baking easier.
  • Making dough was scary and sometimes is still scary. I would always find myself in a really sticky situation – quite literally. I have learnt that even though it seems the dough will never get off your hands; add a dash of flour and continue to knead and knead some more. The dough will eventually come together – this may take as long as 8 minutes of kneading.
  • This may be a no-brainer for some; frozen chicken does not need to be defrosted before cooking. Obviously, it would be ideal to have thawed out the frozen chicken before using it, nonetheless, if you find yourself in a hurry you can place the chicken directly in the oven. I have tried this with chicken pieces and not a whole chicken and the results were spot on.I hope you all enjoyed and benefit from this post!



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